Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter celebrations

I recognize that I'm a month late on Easter blogging!  Holy cow, a month has gone by without an update from me.  There's much more to talk about, other than Easter so I'm going to be doing some back-posting to get up to speed.  Mostly, it's so years down the road, my children don't go searching back through this journal of our life and start bugging me about where April and May went!

We had two Easter celebrations.  One with the embassy community the week before Easter and one on Easter Sunday with close friends.  We debated attending the embassy Easter party mostly because it can get pretty chaotic but Justin and I decided that there wasn't anything else to do that weekend and truly the kids love it.  I got smart and packed a picnic lunch so we could avoid the atrocious food served for these things (think cold french toast and greasy potatoes). But even more genius was my decision to throw in plastic cups and a bottle of wine.  Friends followed suit and we finished the bottle during the event and replaced it with two more from the commissary.  So let's just say, the family all got sunburned because Mama was having a bit too much fun to remember sunblock.  What a great way to spend the Easter party at the embassy!  Such a fun day with friends.

For Easter Sunday we went to our friends Mark and Pria's home for Easter brunch.  We've become close with them and their sweet daughter Jennavieve. She's a precious girl and Addie, Bella and Ashlynn have adopted her as their fourth sister.  It's so fun seeing them together.  Pria is definitely my funniest friend.  She has such a lively personality.  I feel like we could have been friends for a decade not just a few short months.  They have the perfect back yard for an Easter egg hunt.  The food was amazing and the company was perfect. We opened a special Hungarian bottle of champagne! The girls were high on sugar all day!  It was a great way to spend a day in Ethiopia.

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