Monday, December 16, 2013

prepping for our Christmas party

Less than a week from our second annual Christmas party, I've got my prep lists ready.  Half the meal is already frozen and ready for the oven this coming Saturday.  The other half, I will make this week.  This includes a handful of fun holiday cocktails.

Spiced fruit wassail (with or without liquor)
Hot chocolate with chocolate ice cream and peppermint Schnapps (or not for the kiddos)
Cinnamon martinis (still working on this recipe but I have visions of cinnamon  red hots dissolving at the bottom of the glass)

Still plenty of work to do.  I've got lavender lemon bars and oatmeal ginger cream pies that are new for me as well as a gorgeous flour-less peppermint patty cake and a candy cane layer cake I can't wait to try.

What's your thoughts on bacon jam?  The recipe calls for bourbon, maple syrup, spices and brown sugar.  I think it sounds heavenly with bread and cheese.

This year, it was essential that I have old fashioned Christmas candy for the holidays.  You know the stuff, the ribbon candy and the little colorful hard candy with pictures of flowers and such.  It's so perfectly traditional and beautiful. I hardly want to eat it it's so pretty!

The girls are going nuts with all these goodies around the house.  It's hard to be a kid and be patient at Christmas!

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Melinda Renee said...

How much are tickets to Ethiopia for Christmas? *wink* YUM!