Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas pants 2013

I love the tradition of my husband's Christmas pants.  His grandfather wore them every year on Christmas Eve to the country club.  I had the pleasure of attending one of these evenings and he looked so classy in these pants.  He was a tall handsome man and he wore a white turtle neck tucked in, loafers on his feet.  Think classic Annapolis, MD.  Justin always admired the pants and when his grandfather passed away, his grandmother passed the pants on to Justin.  It was a very touching surprise.  Not many people get to say they inherit something quite so close to their heart from a loved one.  Justin had them tailored for his shorter frame and has been wearing them for Christmas ever since.  They are wool and it's comical that we haven't had a cold Christmas for years.  In Manila, Justin sweated in the pants on Christmas.  It's a tad better in Ethiopia but there is definitely no need for wool.  But the pants make it Christmas and it's festive.  Everyone loves the story.  And Justin wears them well.  Here's to many years with the Christmas pants.

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