Friday, November 29, 2013


I love experimenting with floral arrangement ideas here in Ethiopia because fresh cut flowers are really cheap.  The day before Thanksgiving, I purchased two large bunches of this yellow wild flower ($2.50) and a chunk of floral sponge (for $1.75).  My inspiration came from here.

Mine isn't nearly as awesome but it was fun to make.  I picked the hens n'chicks from our garden and chose a few really smooth limes to add to the arrangement.  A deep cereal bowl acted as my vase.  It was really simple!  I wet the sponge thoroughly and placed it in the bowl then started adding the flowers on the sides.  As the flowers started to weight the sponge down, I added more water to the bowl.  I used toothpicks on the limes.  As long as you keep the bowl half full of water the sponge stays wet and keeps the flowers fresh.

I'm excited to use the arrangement on our Thanksgiving table.

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Nomads By Nature said...

That centerpiece is lovely. Such fresh color and textures -- I miss having a big table to decorate for the holidays.