Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moving out of the baby stage

Ashlynn Olivia is turning two in 6 weeks.  Time sort of marches right along doesn't it?  I'm not surprised or shocked by this upcoming birthday mostly because we've viewed her as a two year-old for months now.  She was doing things at 18 months that Bella had a hard time with at two and a half.  She's just developing more quickly than her older sisters did.  It has a lot to do with having her big sisters as models.  She wants to do everything they do and won't let them out of her sight.  She tumbles with them, draws with them, sings with them and even role plays right along with them.

In so many ways I think she's the luckiest of our 3 girls.  She's never known life without her sisters, playmates and constant companions.  She's definitely a mamas girl but from the very beginning her sisters were the ones who could make her laugh and smile.  She's always been infatuated with her siblings.  Now she stands at the front door and waves as they leave for school and runs to hug them when they return home.  Ashlynn runs off to play with them and they include her as a playmate.

Her vocabulary is phenomenal.  I'm amazed at what she repeats to me or even what she says out of the blue.  For months now, she's been a dream when it comes to communicating with because she can tell me when she's not feeling well, "belly ouchy" or she wants her doll, "Elmo find" and even when she needs her diaper changed, "poo poo diaper stinky" (always a phrase I'm not thrilled about).  But it's helpful and she has fewer tantrums and crying fits than Bella or Addie at this age because she can get her point across.

It's nice to be moving out of the baby phase at our house.  I recently organized our home and we pulled boxes of baby clothes, toys and gear out to donate and sell.  I was sad to fold up our crib bumper that all three girls have used as well as some of their sweet dresses but I kept all their tiny newborn hats that have memories associated with them so I can pin them in a shadow box some day.  I'd like to say that I'll make a quilt out of their clothes one day, but I won't, so off them go to another baby girl who can use them.  There's not a lack of needy children in this country so I feel good about passing all the stuff on.

Two things I'm extremely happy about getting rid of: my breast pump and diaper bag!  Woo Hoo!

This is my last year with a child home with me.  Ashlynn will start preschool next year so I've decided to savor these last few months with my little sidekick.


The Gunning Family said...

Some of my fondest mom memories are of my time at home with Patch! We had such great adventures.

Sara said...

Yes Donna, I think they are some of the best moments and yet some of the hardest. I get used to her independence when her sisters are home but when it's just the two of us she clings and man that clinging can get tiresome!