Monday, June 3, 2013

St. George

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this but we rescued a local puppy.  St. George (George or Georgie for short) came to live with us when he was eight weeks old.  He was a tiny little blonde fluff ball back then and while he's only been living with us a little more than a month it's like he's always been apart of our family.

We adopted Lucy when she was 9 months old and miraculously, she was fully trained upon her arrival.  We've never had to train a puppy.  Surprisingly, the hard part is not getting him to understand he needs to poo and pee outside; it's really having the time to devote to making sure I see that he needs to go outside.
George at 8 weeks

We've had a few puddles at the front door and in the first few days (and even now once in awhile) dog piles behind chairs.  He's at the biting stage now so we are trying to redirect his biting to some of the numerous toys that lie around and no one really loves but we just haven't thrown away yet.  So far there hasn't been anything too amazing he's chewed through, unless you count the phone cord for our internet last week.  But he's a good pup and Lucy and him like to play and have even started snuggling in for naps together.  The girls adore George.  Ashlynn and him seem to have an extra sweet little bond.  It's really quite amazing how quickly he's latched onto our family as his own.  I guess it helps that we immediately loved him too!

George at 16 weeks


The Gunning Family said...

Absolutley love the picture of Ashlynn with George! You should enter that in a contest!

Sara said...

Thanks Donna! Ashlynn and George have a special little bond. They love each other so much and get in to trouble together. It's like they know they are the babies of the family!

linzmarie said...

What a complete cutie!