Thursday, June 6, 2013

arugula topped pesto pizza

I am a huge arugula fan but it's almost never available here in Addis Ababa.  I couldn't contain my excitement the other day when I was browsing the herb bin at my local grocery store and picked up a different looking leafy green.  When I smelled it and realized it was little bunches of arugula, I snatched up the the last of it and hurried away from the area, in case anyone was going to try to wrestle me for those last bunches of deliciousness.

My plans for this arugula were pretty straight forward.  Bleach it, wash it, and throw it on top of pizza.  The spicy nutty flavor of the arugula was the perfect thing for my whole wheat crust, mozzarella and pesto topped pizza.  My garlic parsley pesto added so much flavor, that no other topping was needed.  Plus, then the arugula could stand out as the center stage ingredient.  I grated a bit of real Parmesan Romano on top and ta da...dinner!  (Just to be super transparent here-Justin and I devoured this pizza.  The girls had boring cheese pizza-there is no way I could ever convince my children to eat "salad" on pizza).

I can't help but be jealous of anyone who can eat arugula whenever they want!  If you have access to this flavorful green, try it on your next homemade pizza.


Bfiles said...

yum. would love your garlic parsley pesto recipe!

Sara said...

Will do. The only issue is that I generally thrown handfuls of the ingredients in the food processor. Next time I'll measure!

Anonymous said...

I snatch arugula whenever I can, too, here in Vientiane! Yum.