Tuesday, September 25, 2012

slow down day

Do you ever have a day that you devote to moving slower and doing less? On occasion, as my husband is heading out the door to the office, he passes me a magazine article to read during the day or offers the suggestion to take a nap and I usually laugh.  The idea that I have a moment to do this is as comical as the idea that I would have time to turn on the TV or sit and eat a leisurely meal.  From the time I wake up until the time my children are asleep I am organizing, cooking, chasing, cleaning, and just moving. I don't take moments to sit and do nothing.  Doing nothing feels like a waste so I am usually busy even if it's picking up shoes, changing spoiled t-shirts or even jotting notes to myself about baking ideas.  I like to stay busy and yet sometimes it gets a little too much.

It's not often that I set aside a day to be still, so I savored my slow day today even more.  What does a slow day for you look like?  I'll give you a window into mine.

I didn't have to go in the car anywhere today.  Bella is at home Tuesdays so we made homemade play dough.  It was so fun and she made a huge mess with it which is to be expected.  She presented me with an amazing play dough cake decorated with leaf sprinkles.
I took lots of time to sit and just play with Ashlynn and Arabella.  Most of the time I am playing in passing.  Playing for a few minutes and then directing my attention elsewhere.  Today I just sat and we played and it was nice.  My girls like to wrestle so we did a lot of rolling around on the floor.  I sat and played fetch with Lucy.  She appreciated the extra attention.  Ash loves playing with Lucy too.

I ate lunch alone. It was only 10 minutes in silence but it was a blissful ten minutes and I had a glass of wine which felt luxurious and devious all at the same time.  Maybe the highlight of my day.

I made a big double batch of soup.  Arabella had a blast helping me peel the skins off the roasted red peppers.  I absolutely love having my girls' help in the kitchen. It's such a fun way to spend quality time together.  They love getting involved and I love that little things like stirring or pushing the button on the food processor excites them about cooking.
Since I wasn't in a rush to do anything today I made the long slow double rise dinner rolls that I usually don't have time for.  Having time and patience for dinner roll dough to rise produces the most amazing fluffy rolls.  They are delicious and a million times better than what I usually do.  It was nice to spend the time to do this. Therapeutic almost. Arabella helped me roll the dough and sprinkle it with salt.  We all dug in to a fluffy airy-on-the-inside roll when they came out of the oven.  Even Ashlynn enjoyed them.

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Natasha said...

I am the same way -- I like to keep busy. My husband jokes that I like to relax by working, even if it's just writing, picking up around the house, etc. I love my to-do lists!

But it's been a while since I've had a "normal" schedule since I went from working full time in DC to Spanish at FSI to the weird limbo before packout to now arriving at post. I am eager to get back into a routine. I'm told the pace of life is much slower in El Salvador, so it'll be interesting to see what a "slow day" looks like here!