Monday, September 3, 2012

our kittens are here

You may notice there are three kittens in these photos instead of the two we originally were going to bring home.  In the end, we couldn't leave behind one sibling especially after they had all bonded.   We are all getting used to the idea that we have three cats living in our outbuilding.  They were skittish the first day but after just three days they are running to us, sleeping in our laps and very playful.  There are two girls and a boy.  The girls are Tim Riggins and Tinker Bell (Addie's cat-she named her) and the boy  is Pepper.  Pepper is the reserved one.  He's still deciding if this new arrangement is to his liking.  Tink and Tim are already batting at toys and snuggling in our arms.
Addie and Tinker Bell
Bella and Tim Riggins
Pepper the cautious one

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Heather P. said...

Aren't little kitties the sweetest! I love the girls' new companions at home.