Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Ethiopian Christmas

I wanted to give my parents (Grammy and Grandpa), sister-in-law (Aunt Rachel), sister (Aunt Megan), and Aunt Mary K (Great Aunt Mary) a HUGE thank you from all of us for sending boxes to Ethiopia ahead of us so we had Christmas gifts and goodies waiting for us that first weekend we arrived. Ethiopian Christmas was celebrated on January 7th here and we had a nice pile of boxes for our celebration. We opened up all the presents in the morning for our second Christmas and the girls loved it. It was so nice to be welcomed to our new home with wonderful things from our loved ones. The girls really loved the sock monkey (Bella named her Mommy Monkeyy) and quilt (Addie’s sleeping with it every night). All the gifts were a hit and I appreciate the practicality of many of them. The girls are getting lots of use out of their slippers and robes for right after bath when they are “frozen”, as Adelaide would say. Thank you to everyone for yoru generosity. It was nice to get a piece of home the first weekend we were in our new home.


Emily Joy said...

I am glad that you got all your Christmas gifts, you all are going to get a mini christmas from me as well, sorry i didn't have it with the other packages. The girls look like they have settled in nicely!

Rachel said...

Nothing like a little touch of home on your first weekend in a new place! So glad the girls enjoyed all their gifts!!