Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Ethiopian girls

The girls are adjusting to Addis Ababa nicely. Adelaide started her 5 day/week preschool this week and loves it. She’s made friends and comes home tired. The best part about it is she doesn’t mope around the house bored anymore. Arabella is starting at a little parent run preschool program next week. It’s 3 mornings a week and there are 5 little kids her age attending. A teacher/mom runs it from her home so it will be a nice transition into school for Bella. I think she’s ready for the structure.
The girls seem to have made Ethiopia their home rather quickly. They are accustomed to having a housekeeper and driver. The guards are new to them (and us) but they’ve welcomed them into our little Ethiopian family. One of their favorite things to do is play tag outside and pick the flowers in the garden with our day guard/gardener. He’s so friendly with the girls and they love him. One afternoon I peaked outside and found them sticking little pink daisies in his hair.
I’ve had a few complaints from Addie and Bella about the food choices but I’ve been explaining that there are certain things that they need to start eating while in Ethiopia simply because there aren’t as many choices here. Luckily we’ve found a good chicken hot dog they like and they are enjoying the powdered milk we can get.
When I asked Adelaide what her favorite thing about Ethiopia is she said “sunny days and summer dresses”. She’s a summer girl for sure. When I asked Arabella the same questions she said “Airplane!”, I’m assuming the airplane ride over was her favorite part.
Ashlynn is an angel. She proved to be flexible on the airplane and slept most of the trip. It took her a few days of rough nights before she switched to the time zone but now she’s sleeping at night from 7:30PM to about 7:30AM. Don’t be fooled, she wakes every three to four hours at night to nurse. I’m not complaining though because that’s much better than every two hours. She’s happy and content and stuck to me like glue. Just the way a 3 month old should be. I love my baby girl.


Heather P. said...

I am glad your transition is going well and the girls look like they are doing great! They will love injera soon enough...or be completely sick of it by the time you leave! I am glad Ashlynn is a good baby for you, she is getting so big. Thanks for the pictures! Miss ya.

Melinda Renee said...

I'm so happy you've found a way to post, I definitely was going through withdrawals. :-) If there's anything I can ship to you, just email me your address & wish list. How wonderful, for the girls to grow up with such an international flavor!!! xoxo