Monday, May 16, 2011

full speed ahead

Arabella has one mode: Go! Fast! She ran right into the ocean without a care in the world. You can see she's refusing Justin's hand here. She wants zero help. I slipped her arm floaties on and she swam right around with her sister like it was the biggest pool in the world. The salt water in the nose, mouth and eyes was a bit of a shocker but she figured it out really quickly.

My little fish!The sun was scorching so we were all most comfortable in the water. We swam out to where Justin and I could barely touch and played, then swam back into where the girls could stand. I could have sat in that water all day watching the girls swim and play. That's basically what I did. That entire first afternoon we spent playing in the sand and water.When we got hungry we packed it up and walked down the beach for dinner at Nigi Nigi Noo Noos Too! Another one of our favs. The girls played in the sand. We had fresh seafood and watched the sunset. Not a bad first day.

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