Tuesday, May 17, 2011

beach babes

This weekend with the girls at the beach was practically a piece of cake compared to the times we've taken them places when they were younger. I can't believe how much easier it gets as they grow and Bella's only 2! We went to New Zealand in October and wow, what a huge difference 7 months makes. They both slept better and we worried less about what they would eat. Are my kids the only kids who don't eat much on vacation? I swear we feel like we are force feeding them when ever we are out of town. Anyway, I packed boxed milk for them and a few snacks but it was nice not to worry so much about food for them. We stretched bedtime each night and avoided major melt-downs for the most part!We didn't even need to bring diapers! Just a pull-up for bedtime! I love the freedom that comes from the girls getting older. I worry and stress less and as a result enjoy myself much more on vacation. It makes me a little sad that we are going to be starting all over with a newborn again in October. Lugging the breast pump and bottle brushes and a million diapers with us where ever we go. Traveling is tough with a baby. Mostly tough on Mom. It was amazing to experience the beach with my girls with the added freedom of them being 2 and 4. I can't imagine what it will be like when the kids are all older than diapers and sippy cups.

The girls are not babies anymore. They are my beach babes for sure!The Sea Wind has some beautiful tropical garden pools that Addie was curious about trying out. They hopped in and weren't swimming for 5 minutes before she said she wanted to go back to the beach!Who can blame her.

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