Monday, December 21, 2009

mission prep

Our Christmas mission 2009 started months ago when I mentioned to my Mom my desire to give a special Christmas to the children in Cora's village. Five big boxes later, full of toys, coloring books, Crayons, and personal items; my parents along with the help of other family members, had outfitted us with enough stuff the bring Christmas gifts to more than 40 needy and deserving kids of all ages. The boxes sat in Arabella's room until Megan arrived (Yes she is here!). I knew my organized motivated sister would whip us into shape and give order to getting the bags together for the kids. It idea of doing that alone while juggling the girls was too daunting a task for me to even consider tackling on my own. On Sunday while Bella napped, Megan, Addie, and I stuffed bags for babies, little girls and boys, as well as older kids and some deserving Moms. We stuffed the bags full and still have a box full of toys we will bring with us to hand out to other children who we happen upon. Addie was a huge help. She helped us by putting big handfuls of candy in each bag for the kids. She was in love with her job. Over night I had nightmares of the younger kids choking on hard butterscotch disks so the next morning Meg and Addie swapped the hard candies from the little kids bags with lolly pops. Only big kids will get the hard candy and I can sleep easier. You can see Addie took her job of being in charge of the lolly pops very seriously.Tomorrow Megan and I are heading with Cora and Garry (our driver) to deliver the goodies and play Santa for the day. Justin is taking the day off to stay with the girls. It should be a wonderful experience and I'm sure I am going to shed plenty of tears. Cora is certain that this will be a very special Christmas surprise for all the kids she has in mind for the gifts.


Terry said...


It is so nice to see that the true meaning of Christmas is alive in your hearts and home. You have made a big difference in the lives of many. Thank you.


rachel.whbm.3203 said...
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Rachel said...

What a great thing to do! And I'm glad to see Megan made it there safely!