Sunday, March 29, 2009

weekend with Grandma

Addie and I have been spending tons of quality time with Grandma this weekend since Grandpa is working (unfortunately). They've already made-up their own special games they play and silly things they do. Addie's a huge fan of Grandma and even chose to sit with her instead of me while watching Dora the Explorer before bath tonight. We've been having a great time tooling around town shopping for this and that. It's lovely using my debit card and spending U.S. currency on U.S. soil. I'm hoping to boost the economy a little with our shopping. I now have swimming suits for my girls in every possible size. Since all the summer stuff is out now for kids I have to think ahead for the next year when we will still be in shorts and tank tops come October when all the summer clothes are long gone in the States. Anyway, it's been fun putzing around and driving myself in America.
This afternoon the sun was shining (look at those blue skies) so we decided to walk Addie to the elementary school (same one I attended years ago). She played on the swings and the play equipment. First time down the twisty slide she ended up sitting in a puddle of rain water at the bottom which soaked her pants. We ARE in the Northwest so I guess it should be expected. Silly Mom should have remembered a towel to dry off the slide. How quickly you forget the ins and outs of living in a rainy climate. Besides the wet bum, Addie had a blast and was thoroughly tired and hungry this evening.
I also want to say thank you to both my parents who woke up early with Addie this morning, played with her and fed her while I got an additional two blissful hours of sleep. It was so wonderful.

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Rachel said...

Looks and sounds like Addie is having a blast! I'm so glad you girls are having fun with your family. Miss you both!