Thursday, March 12, 2009

pony tails of a tired pregnant lady

I'm so excited that Addie doesn't seem to mind having her hair fussed with as much these days. She let me give her a pony tail today. She also sat still for her Daddy to put nail polish on her toe nails. She says "pretty" and points to her toes. There is like 3 coats of polish on her toes now.
On another note, I am so tired this Friday. On top of my growing belly and uncomfortable restless nights, Cora became violently ill on Tuesday and has been home ever since. Addie and I managed quite well on our own keeping busy with play dates and trips to the swimming pool. There's only been one moment last night while getting dinner ready and listening to a whining screaming child who wouldn't eat anything I put in front of her that I lost my cool. It wasn't my crowning moment as a Mom. After we both ate we felt better. The problem is that we both loose it when we hit the hunger limit. It's not a pretty site to witness. Without Cora here to help with Addie I definitely feel the weight of Bella at the end of the day. My goal to take it easy my last week in Manila before flying to Washington didn't come to fruition but we are making the best of it. After getting news last night that the other pregnant lady in Justin's office due the same day as me (May 1) was in labor and gave birth to a 4 lb 5 oz preemie unexpectedly 7 weeks early; I decided to sit my butt down and put my feet up. Screw the dirty dishes. Thank goodness it's Friday and Justin's coming home early tonight!


The Gunning Family said...


Bless your heart! We will say prayers for your friend's baby - hope all is well. We miss you guys.

Love, Donna

Terry said...

Sara, OMG If I were in your place I'd have been on "Intervention" by now. You are doing a wonderful job, just remember to breathe.