Saturday, August 23, 2014

Village tour in Bogor

Adelaide and I had quite an adventure on Saturday.  We spent the entire day in Bogor experiencing traditional Sudanese village life.  We rode about an hour and a half south of Jakarta on the toll road.  I can't help but mention how ridiculously nice the highway was.  We drove on beautifully landscaped parkway style roads and up to modern toll booth, Addie asked, "Are you sure we're still in Indonesia?"  I had to laugh.  It is unbelievable how nice the infrastructure is here.

It was a wonderfully kid-friendly day.  We learned how to play a local instrument, took a tour of the local village and their homes, mucked around in rice paddies and planted rice, washed a water buffalo, posed in traditional Sudanese Indonesian dress clothing, ate a traditional meal, painted farmer hats, made pandan leaf puppets, and made traditional rice flour cookies.  It was such a lovely introduction to one of the cultures in Indonesia.

Now the photos.  It's so fun photographing our new adventures in Indonesia.

Rice paddies

The water buffalo named Bintang (meaning star)
Addie in the traditional women's dress costume.
Planting rice
Washing Bintang
Lunch: tofu, chicken, soup, rice crackers and rice.  
Exotic flowers
Local foliage.  

Making panda leaf puppets


The Gunning Family said...

WOW! Looks like a fun-filled day. Love the puppets - the weaving is cool! We will need to see about getting one of those drums for Patch! The pictures are beautiful - as always!

Mommy said...

I hope all is well with you and your family! I miss your blog updates and recipes and fantastic photos...

Bfiles said...

Merry Christmas! I miss your blogging...want to hear about Jakarta...hope you will come back soon.

RD Robertson said...

They are enjoying together. I love their fashion. Especially for kids. Kids are wearing fashionable dresses with new shoes.

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