Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas Day

The girls were up bright and early on Christmas morning.  Addie woke me up with a kiss on the cheek and whispered "Merry Christmas Mommy".  It doesn't get much sweeter than that.  Justin was up earlier than the girls and he said that they popped their heads out of their bedroom and immediate asked, "Did he come?".  Ashlynn slept longer and wandered down the stairs about 30 minutes later and when she saw the gifts under the tree almost squealed with excitement.

The girls opened gifts, the cinnamon rolls baked and Justin made coffee.  We topped with milk foam that we made with our new milk frother.  It was pretty perfect.

We all got dressed and went to Christmas Mass at the Vatican Embassy.  When we got home we had a big turkey leftover meal and let the girls play with their new toys for the rest of the day.  Justin and I may have polished off a bottle of wine and another round of frothy homemade cappuccinos.

Christmas Day and the days that followed were blissfully quiet.  We colored with the girls new art supplies, listened to all their imaginative play with their new dolls and read lots of new books.  We ate a lot of leftovers and I've been concocting all sorts of variations of turkey dishes.  I took several naps and lounged in my pajamas.  It was quite possibly the best few days of the year.

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