Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween decorating

It's that time of year again!  Halloween is just around the corner and we've been preparing the house for the big event!  Our annual kids Halloween party is next weekend and we can't wait to have a house full of little monsters and goblins running around with their faces stuffed with sugar.  I think we're ready for Halloween, what do you think?

Last year, we spent a lot of time making decorations for the house and I was able to re-use most of those things.  But we also have some fun new things around the house.  One of my favorite purchases were these vintage Halloween post cards which I placed over some of our framed artwork.  It transforms that picture into a great Halloween display.  The vintage pictures are adorable and so many of them wish the recipient luck on Halloween.  I find needing luck on Halloween romantic!  These are the cards in case you want to decorate your own house with them.  I considered for a moment turning them into a bunting but I couldn't bring myself to punch holes in them.

This spooky black cheesecloth is new as well and it's perfect for the mantle.  I have two more that I plan to drape on top of a white table cloth during the party.  The holes are a little too round and nice I kind of wish it looked a little more ragged but it will do!  It would be really cool to drape this from windows or door frames for trick-or-treaters.

My folks sent a box of Halloween goodies and it included the wonderful spider web material that stretches and pulls to look like cob webs and spider webs on just about anything.  The girls loved helping with this and more than once I've caught St. George tugging at the webs and getting it caught in his teeth.  We let our homemade pipe cleaner spiders crawl in the webs. Our ancient Arabic "blackboard" looks extremely spooky covered in cob webs!

 A few paper silhouette spiders have joined them.  The rest of the spiders can be found scurrying up our fireplace mantle.
 Black owl, mice, cat and bat silhouettes are lurking around everywhere.  We're still using our painted sticks, this year we added orange lights.  The orange lentils in the vase are the very same ones from last year!

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