Monday, February 13, 2012

Ashlynn Olivia at 4 months

When you think about it, four months is such a short amount of time. Only 120 days or so. It’s my third child and I’m still amazed that in just a few months a newborn can grow to a tiny little being with thoughts, feelings, and a personality. Ashlynn steals my heart every day. She’s laughing now. Great big belly laughs when she is watching her Dad or sisters do something funny. She’s rolling onto her side. She’s discovered her feet and can hold objects to her mouth. She bats at toys that are in front or above her. Her favorite thing to do is watch Addie and Bella play. Her eyes are the brightest and most alert when she’s surrounded by everyone in the family. She’s a happy baby. Only crying when she’s messy, hungry, tired or in pain. Her first tooth is trying to pop through on the bottom. It’s made for some long nights and fussy days lately. This tooth is incredibly early for our family. Bella didn’t get her first tooth until 9 months old! I hope this doesn’t start a trend of Ashlynn growing up too quickly. I am already finding that the weeks and months are flying by faster than I recall with Addie and Bella at this age. One thing I cannot deny is that Ashlynn is a beautiful baby.


Melinda Renee said...

love-love-LOVE it!!! I think it's so beautiful how Ashlynn is a perfect blend of the family genes, looking a little like a Hockert, a little like a Warnick. *happy sigh* Your posts always brighten my day. *grin*

meredith said...

Holy moly - she is a beauty!! and four months - how is that possible??

Heather P. said...

What a gorgeous little girl. I can tell you are one radiating mommy! Love all the pictures and new posts -:).