Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Easter Bunny this year

Adelaide started panicking the day before Easter about a big bunny stopping by our house to drop off eggs and candy. There were tears and pleading and lots of panicked looks when she'd hear a tap or a phantom knock on the door. It didn't help for us to explain that a cute little real-live bunny is the real Easter Bunny and not the big bobbled headed, over-sized costume Bunnies she has in her memory from last year. I threw the big guns at her; "If the Easter Bunny doesn't come to our house, you won't have any Easter candy." Her quick response sealed the deal; "But we already have enough candy in the pantry!" We promised her the Easter Bunny would not visit our house, even when she was asleep. She made us text him to be sure he would skip us.
I guess you could say we were off the hook. I hadn't dug out the Easter baskets from last year and half of all the plastic eggs were missing in this toy box or that one; so I avoided any Easter prep at all. We dyed bright colored eggs for the fun of watching them change color and then promptly put them in the refrigerator to sit for the next week or two before we throw them out or Cora takes them home to the kids in her neighborhood.

Grammy and Grandpa sent a box of Easter goodies and gifts the week prior so the Easter Bunny was kind of out of work at our house anyhow. Who needs the Easter Bunny when you have grandparents? The girls woke up to a nice little pile of jelly beans, art supplies, and cute socks (what is an Easter basket without cute girly socks?). They were happy as clams. Bella ate half of a chocolate Easter bunny WITH the foil still on as well as an entire bag of jelly beans before her breakfast. Addie painted ceramic magnets as we all watched Bambi! "Where's his Mommy?" was a frequent question that I had to answer without looking my daughter in the eye. The horrified look on her face was enough to bring me to a mess of hormonal tears.
In our typical fashion my husband and I got the girls dressed and ready for 10 o'clock Easter mass at our church only to drive by a packed parking lot, congregation, and sign that stated the Easter mass schedule was special and the next mass wasn't until 11 o'clock. U-turn back home for snacks. Five minutes into the 11 o'clock service Addie was scared of the glowing picture of the resurrected Jesus and asking when the service was going to be done. Bella wanted to check out the bathrooms. We somehow made it through communion and then high tailed it to our brunch reservations.

Easter brunch at the Peninsula Hotel is accompanied by a huge ballroom kids Easter extravaganza. On the way to the hotel we made the mistake of telling the girls we were on the way to an Easter party. Addie immediately starts panting in panic, afraid that the evil Easter Bunny or some other over sized big-headed character will be waiting there to haunt her. Justin tries to recover the situation by telling her we are going to the Easter Bunny's castle for lunch. She practically spins her wheels to go home instead of this party. She's questioning us incessantly the entire ride to the Peninsula. When we arrive, we tell her it's a hotel. Justin explains that the Easter Bunny's castle was a joke to which she replies; "Dad, why did you joke on me? I wasn't laughing, I was crying!".

We make it through our over priced buffet meal only having to pay for the adults, which was a relief since the children had two bites of cheese and a strawberry. Then we are off to the noisy Easter affair with too loud Lady Gaga playing. A pirate MC is at the mic and as quickly as we enter the ballroom the girls and I ushered into another room for an Easter egg hunt for the 1-3 year old kids. We grab baskets and then try to rush into the tiny room where 800 other toddlers are with their parents and Yaya's. We come out empty handed. Not an egg to be found. I guess it was a big joke to put 20 eggs in a room and then wish the 800 kids good luck.

In the end we missed out on some of the fun due to big lines and a little sister who was in desperate need of her nap. I made it up to Addie at home when I proved I can do better arm painting then any of those guys they hire for those parties. She agreed!Here are a few pictures from the Embassy Easter party that was two weeks ago.


NHP said...

Happy Easter Warnicks! The girls look so adorable -:). Too cute about the Easter Bunny - that must have been really scary looking last year!

Terry said...

Happy Easter. The girls photos are beautiful.